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Bathroom fitting and installation

There is a superior alternative to the arduous and inconvenient task of installing your own bathroom fittings and reliance on uncertain and potentially inadequate third-party builders: top-flight, expert bathroom installation service directly from Walton Bathrooms, your premium luxury baths supplier. We do complete bathroom fitting of all the high-quality goods we provide, ensuring that those who install your luxury bathroom, are those who provided it and know it best. Choose us for your bathroom installation wishes and enjoy peace of mind, a guarantee of quality, reliable and convenient scheduling of service, rapid work times, and, above all, the knowledge that your bathroom will meet your wishes as long as you desire it.

The most difficult part about bathrooms is the installation, if you try to arrange the fitting yourself you will be faced with arduous chore of trying to maintain a continuity of different trades to work together to achieve a finished bathroom. If you employ a builder to carryout the work you can never be assured they know the products and how and in what order they must be fitted. We have the solution.

Walton Bathrooms provide a complete installation service, via one of their approved bathroom installation teams. Once you have agreed a design and specification, a guide price for the work can be given. We then arrange for a survey to be carried out and then send you the complete installation specification including the terms for the contract All of the approved teams are professional workman who have worked with Walton Bathrooms for a number of years, they are competent at fitting our specialised range of bathroom products.

Most bathrooms take between 10-15 days to install. All plumbing, carpentry, tiling, plastering, electrical and finishing work will be carried out by individual tradesmen. Most of our customers choose to employ our fitters, to ensure a professional finish to their bathroom. Walton Bathrooms have over 25 years experience working in private houses, we know how important it is give continuity of work and we always strive to provide a full service to our valued clients.

Areas covered by our installation teams are Surrey, Berkshire, Middlesex, and South West London.

We make a small charge of £100.00 per bathroom to carryout the survey, each full design - £100.00, for 2 Bathrooms £175.00, 3 Bathrooms £250.00 and 4 Bathrooms Plus - £300.00. We provide detailed scaled plan views and 3D colour perspective elevations, a complete quotation of all products suggested, along with a the installation cost. This fee is refundable if you proceed with Walton Bathrooms to supply, or supply and install the bathroom/s. Please call our showroom to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced designers on 01932 224784.