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Dornbracht CYO – a new form of elegance

Dornbracht, the leading supplier of high-quality fittings and accessories for the bathroom, spa and kitchen, is introducing CYO, its new bathroom fittings series. CYO combines the brand’s origins and future, its clearly recognisable design claim with the current zeitgeist. Inspired by a design from the company’s archive from 1969, the fitting becomes a sign of this time – with a design language that seems familiar and yet appears new and forward-looking.


With CYO, Dornbracht reinterprets the archetypal C-shaped spout and finds the perfect combination of form and function. The striking basic shape of the circle defines the extravagant contour and sculptural quality of CYO. It defines the spout and handles and thus characterises the design right down to the water jet, which follows the shape of the spout.

The design concept is distinguished by extraordinary details. Bi-structural finishes combine glossy and matt surfaces. They skilfully emphasise the lines and – as a particularly subtle form of contrast – lend the design additional sophistication.

An innovative handle concept, which is operated by a rotating outer ring with finely tuned click-stop, reflects the high precision and quality of workmanship with its special function. Interchangeable handle inserts in a wide range of finishes and styles that can be combined individually and are easily replaced, offer unique options for individualisation. With six exclusive special surfaces made of precious natural stones and extravagant structures, and the x-tra service offer that goes beyond this, Dornbrachtis expanding the possibilities of individual and particularly creative design concepts with CYO.


The many possibilities for individualisation and the adaptability of the design can be seen in the architectures of the CYO bathrooms “Metropolitan” and “Oasis”. Here, the bathroom becomes a living space, opening up to the inside and outside. Formally, the architectures adopt the circle and the curves of the design language. The desire for something authentic, genuine and natural is reflected in the use of materials, the touch and the feel of the bathrooms. At times, the CYO design blends in with confidence and at other times it determines the ambience.

The basic shape of the circle defines the complete product range of washbasin, bath and shower. Combined with the matching accessories, a harmonious overall picture of the bathroom applications is created.


Balanced proportions and uncompromising precision make up the progressive and unique character that gives CYO a strong personality. The design follows the defined Dornbracht design principles, which are the basis of every design and constitute the lasting quality of the products.

“No future without origin” is how Stefan Gesing, CEO of Dornbracht AG & Co. KG, summarises the CYO series: “CYO stands at the same time for a look back and into the future and thus fulfils what we define with our new brand claim: ‘Leading Designs for Architecture’.”


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